Friday, March 2, 2007

More words on self-education

I was asked to write an article for our university newspaper. The task was to inform our patrons about some interesting and useful web resources, that our faculty and students might use in their work. It is rather simple, you know. 10 minutes for Internet surfing, 5 minutes to write some words about the resource, and in half an hour the article is ready. And everyone is happy.
But I decided not to lighten our patrons' information search, as it is much easier to use ready references. Instead the article is devoted to some basic information literacy skills (see post). Lets see, will it be helpful or not.
Now I'm dealing with problems of evaluating information, found on the web. It is a very serious issue, as web is full of information of contradictory quality. If you have any thoughts and findings on this topic - you are welcome.
The next post here will be devoted to evaluating web information.

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